Management Profile

Norman N. Denda - President and Chief Executive Officer

Nobuyuki Denda is the founder and CEO of Denda Associates. Over his three decade experience at Intel, he has been a key driver of pivotal change that has occurred in both Intel Corporation and Intel Japan.
He is one of the leading edge business executives in the Japanese electronics scene and has built up a network of human and information through the many years of positive past performance.
He joined Intel Japan Corp. in 1971, served as CEO of Intel Japan Corp. from 1997 to 2001 after his assumption of office as Marketing & Sales Director, and also served as Vice President of Intel US., Corp.

markEducational Programs

In addition, Nobuyuki Denda conducting seminars for the future entrepreneurs and business leaders at major universities in Tokyo on;
  • How to craft business
  • Experiences in Intel global thinking
  • How to keep your work life balance      etc.
Those inspiring lectures has delivered at the request of Universities such as Kanto Gakuin University, The University of Tokyo (group of entrepreneurial students), Nihon University, Tokyo University of Science.

For business executives, Denda has given instructive business seminars on;
  • Leadership
  • Corporate management
  • Management by Objective
  • Intel's management system     etc.
at more than 10 major listed companies, including foreign capital firms.