Consulting & Investment Focus

Denda Associates primary focus area is Ubiquitous. Following four keywords express business domains of such focus area: Wireless (Mobile), Security, Renewable Energy (Environmental friendly energy), Contents, Media, Marketing & Promotion.

Our roles in above focus area are:
  • Investment and incubation to venture companies with novel and innovative technologies that have the great potential of global business
  • Consulting foreign companies to enter Japan market
  • Launch Eco-business utilizing Information Technology

Specific examples are: Internet, digital household appliances, PC, game, appliances, OA equipment and followings;
  • Optical electronic components, next generation semiconductors, nano-tech components
  • Security/Network Software and Solutions
  • Mobile and broadband killer contents, applications, and services
  • Environmentally friendly fuel cells
  • Eco-business launch to reduce CO2 emissions (IT, logistics, hospital and semiconductor field)

Why Denda Associates?

The Best Connections and Experience in the Japanese Electronics Industry

Denda Associates, lead by its CEO Norman N. Denda, has both direct access to top leaders in the Japanese electronics scene, and experience completing successful projects with them. Denda himself brings three decades of management experience including CEO, at Intel Japan where, for example, he played a key part in the birth and development of Sony's PC (VAIO) business. Denda Associates has been leveraging this ability towards the introduction and penetration of non-Japanese companies, products, and ideas into the Japanese market.

Know-How for Ventures to Succeed in Japan

Along with the best connections above, Denda Associates has accumulated unique know-how for small ventures to do business with large Japanese electronics companies. Since 1971, when Norm Denda joined Intel, he has developed a set of strategic relationships between the company and large Japanese electronic firms. In addition, all of our partners have experience in both large Japanese electronics and venture companies. We are very familiar with the decision making processes and paradigms of both Western and Japanese organizations, and can give appropriate advice on client issues based on actual experience.

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